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Submit a prayer request and we’ll pray for you as soon as we receive it.

How to Submit a Prayer Request (click the arrow to open/close this section)

1. Everyone is welcome to submit a prayer request!  You can leave a prayer request for yourself, a friend, a family member, a church member, a neighbor, a teacher, a co-worker…anyone!

2. Click “SHARE YOUR PRAYER REQUEST”. Fill out your first name, email and location. (We do not ever share your email with anyone else.)

3. Select your sharing setting: (1) Share on our website with your first name; or (2) Share on our website anonymously; or (3) Don’t share outside our prayer team (keep private).

4. In the section “Your Prayer Request”, please leave us a very specific prayer request. Then, tell us about your current spiritual beliefs so we can pray for you along your spiritual journey.

Example of a properly formatted prayer request: Please pray that my friend, Marcia, will be healed of a tumor in her leg. The doctors may operate in two weeks. Marcia is not a Christian, but I am a born-again Christian. Pray that this will lead her closer to God.

4.  Click the check boxes: (1) Select if you want to be emailed each time someone prays for you; (2) Select if you would like to have our Twitter prayer chain pray for you.

7. When you’re done, press the “SUBMIT REQUEST” button. Then, submit more prayer requests!

We care about you! May God bless you and guide you always!